HERA Cell Essence


Bright and clean skin is essential to getting a baby face. The secret to the bright, clean skin HERA found is the skin-friendly water, body fluid. Upon being applied, Cell-Bio Fluid Sync™ with HERA’s unique Cell-Bio™ technology absorbs deep into the skin to help tired skin restore its condition. As it provides energy to the skin every day, you can experience the way that, day by day, your skin becomes more vivid, healthy, bright and clean.
“Consumers all around the world have become transfixed with the bright young-looking skin of Korean women. That’s why people have also been paying attention to CELL ESSENCE with the motif of body fluid. Powered by the success of CELL ESSENCE, HERA has successfully proven its bestseller status, achieving coveted No.1 status in sales in department store skincare and No.1 status in the repurchase rate in department store skincare.”

How to apply
– After cleansing, apply 2.5ml (recommended amount) on your palms or cotton pad. Use morning and night.
– When using your palms, sprinkle the essence on your palms and spread on face. Gently pat remaining product into skin until fully absorbed
– When using the cotton pad, hold the cotton pad between your fingers by wrapping it around the middle finger, and sprinkle the essence on the cotton pad. Gently sweep over and pat onto face in a circular motion from the center out.
– For a more gentle care, use the wave-patterned side of the cotton. For an exfoliating care, use the mesh-patterned side to remove dead skin cells and dirt.

Volume: 150ml

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Solution to Skin Desertification – HERA NEW CELL ESSENCE

Dry skin, like a lifeless desert
becomes unable to hold in moisture and nourishment
because skin has lost its natural strength.
This is called Skin Desertification.

Replenish your skin with vitality.

8 skin-activators
fill your skin with energy
and seal it in layers

revitalizing your skin
for a luminous glow.






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